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Survive and Thrive: Be so Healthy You Don’t Need a Doctor!

This year give yourself or your loved one the tools to transform health.  Dr. Lee Merritt, Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon, Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,  will be hosting a new seminar to help you be your best in 2022 and beyond.

Tired of standard medicine that is centered around pills, and treatment that only begins after you are sick?  This six-part series will show you,  not only the latest science and theory of health but also practical solutions you can implement in your life. Dr. Merritt has had a lifelong interest in the science of wellness.  She has spent her 45 years in medicine “thinking outside the box”, and studying the real science of nutrition, exercise, and how to age without degenerative diseases.  Our goal is not just to live longer, but better at any age.  2022 is the year we transform healthcare and the world.   Don’t be dependent on Big Pharma.   Take charge of your health so you don’t need a doctor!


What you will Receive:

  • You will have access to seven lectures on diet, toxins, gut health, medical prepping, EMF protection, the miracle of water, and exercise. These can be watched in any order at your convenience. Each session is 1-2 hours in length, to watch at your convenience.

  • A live Q and A was done in October and will be repeated in 2023.s

  • A sleep chapter will be added in the new year.

Coming in 2023

Sleep Science Live Q and A repeated April 2023 on a Sunday afternoon to be announced.

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